Current Projects

Clark Boarding House

The Clark House is a 64-unit single room occupancy (SRO) boarding house in inner-city Milwaukee that has been privately owned and operated by Tony Katchever since 1979.  The property has a commercial kitchen and provides residents with three meals a day, sourcing some of its food from several onsite gardens and greenhouse.  Tony employs four resident staff members to help with cooking and cleaning.  Being 80 years old, Tony would like to retire but would like to see the legacy of the Clark House continue. 


Sunny Side Development received an accepted offer to purchase and rehabilitate the five historic buildings in a major renovation.  We will maintain the property as extremely affordable housing for Milwaukee's most vulnerable populations, but will enhance the property to be a source of permanent supportive housing.  This means residents will receive a minimum of five supportive services to improve the quality of life and increase their chances of success.  Such services include employment training, case management, senior companionship, urban agriculture and computer training.  The project will also create a 5,000 square foot community space and a large community garden, which will both be available to the greater Avenues West neighborhood.


The historic Patrick J. Geraghty residence on W. Kilbourn Ave was built in 1889 and converted into workforce housing by the Clark Family around 1945.  In 1979, Tony purchased the property and turned its 12 bedrooms into affordable housing for the homeless.


John Tyson is one of the head gardeners at the Clark House.


The Clark Family, led by matriarch Martha Clark, purchased 933, 939, 943, and 947 N. 24th St. in 1935 and 2424 W. Kilbourn (above) a decade later to create workforce housing for Milwaukee laborers. In its prime, the 'Clark House' had 90 men living on site.  The same kitchen and dining hall which provided the workers with lively nightly meals is still in use today.


Tony Katchever, Clark House owner for 40 years, busy at work in his office.