Paul Schechter | Executive Director

Paul is an environmental justice entrepreneur who has developed numerous community-focused projects.  He received an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from UW-Madison in 2004 and a masters in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh in 2007.

Board of Directors
Seth Nowak | President

Seth is a sustainable real estate investor, entrepreneur, business consultant and trainer. He has served dozens of housing and food co-ops as director, officer, staff, consultant, and developer. Seth has deep expertise in energy efficiency programs and policy, having led or co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed published research reports. He holds an MBA, a Master of Public Affairs, and an Energy Analysis and Policy Certificate, from UW-Madison. 

Matthew Doyle Olson | Treasurer

Matthew is a resident and board member of the Arboretum Cohousing community. He holds a Master's degree in sustainable food systems and entrepreneurship from College of the Atlantic. Matthew has a variety of non-profit experience including chairing the finance committee of an organization with 1200 members and a $2M annual budget. He works as a software product manager at Forte Research Systems.

Abby Davidson | Secretary

Abby is a building products engineer at PFS TECO who holds degrees from UW-Madison and Madison College. She is a longtime advocate of cooperative housing, an all-weather biker, and aerial dancer. She currently serves on the board of Freewheel Bicycle Collective, MACHA, and represents the Bay Creek Neighborhood on the SSM Redevelopment Steering Committee.

Garrett Lee | Director

Garrett designs simple solutions to complex problems in partnership with key stakeholders. Drawing on academic training in the biomedical sciences and humanities, as well as lived experience, he translates complex ideas and challenges into humanized solutions that make a positive impact in people’s lives. His passion for co-creating social justice and a culture of consent are reflected in the work products he is privileged to be a part of. With over 30 cumulative years of collaborative leadership and decision-making roles in diverse human-centered agencies and structures, Garrett's teamwork consistently leads to sustained successes, programs, and publications. Photo credit to Michelle Stocker.

Ricardo Jomarron  | Director

Ricardo currently works with disabled individuals for Catholic Charities and organizes farmers for bee protection. He has a 30+ year environmental advocacy track-record, working with Greenpeace, NRDC, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Wilderness Society, Heritage Forest Campaign, Pew Charitable Trusts, Clean Wisconsin, and Growing Power. His job titles have included: program director, media director, regional director and canvas director. His speaking and media appearances have taken him coast to coast, to Canada, Ireland, Iceland and The Netherlands as well as across Wisconsin. Ricardo’s videos, graphics and analysis have been part of college curricula, legal testimony, legislative hearings and a keynote address at The United Nations Environmental Programme’s annual meeting.

Tim Mathison | Director

Tim is a licensed attorney with broad experience in energy efficiency, real estate, and government.  He began his legal career in the Chicago real estate market.  Currently, Tim serves as Legal Counsel for WECC, a Madison based energy efficiency nonprofit.

Board of Advisors

Joseph Shumow

Reinhart Law

John Young

Accipiter Properties

Allison Dungan

Community Development

Division, City of Madison

Mitch Brey

RePower Madison

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