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Current Projects

Zapata Cooperative

In late 2021, several members of Nottingham Cooperative in Madison, WI approached Sunny Side Development about starting a new housing co-op centered around Latiné culture and community. What a cool idea!  After some discussion we agreed and jointly applied to the City of Madison's Housing Forward RFP.  About 6 months later we were notified that the project had received a $551,000 "license to hunt" award commitment. This is a more flexible award that gives us two years to search for an ideal property on the market.


Fast forward to January, 2023 and it appears that we have found a good property located at 722 Moorland Rd.  This is a 'McMansion' type of single family home with a 6-car garage, jetted tubs, and in-floor radiant heat.  We hope to 'co-opify' the property by turning 4 of the 6 garages into bedrooms and community spaces, add solar to the roof, and do several other touches to make the property a friendly, energy efficient co-op!


Kitchen/dining room of Moorland Rd.

Front Outside.webp

Outside front yard




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