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HAUS Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit housing cooperative, co-founded and developed in 2010 by founder of Sunny Side Development, Paul Schechter.  It currently consists of one 10-bedroom, one 15-bedroom property, dozens of current members and hundreds of alumni.

uRth haus was developed in 2012 from a classic, English-Tudor style building originally built in 1922.  This mansion from a foregone era came with a butler's pantry, built-in cabinetry, and even a human-powered elevator, operated by a rope and pulley.

Development took approximately four months and included "co-opifying" the property with a large commercial kitchen, bulk storage, multiple bedrooms, a large garden, and solar panels.

uRth Haus, a 15-bedroom co-op

Building the backyard garden at uRth Haus.

Rosalie Haus is a 4,000 square foot, 10-bedroom house.  It was developed in 2010 and required a gut rehab, which was an opportunity to experiment with different sustainable design techniques.  Much of the materials came from the Houston ReUse Warehouse, including 10' doors from the Jones Hall Theater, which were converted to kitchen countertops with a concrete top coat.

The house also has a 3000 gallon rainwater cistern, which can supply water to all 6 toilets.  Minisplit AC creates 11 different heating/cooling zones, solar panels provide hot water, and there is a wood-fired hot tub in the back yard.

Rosalie Haus, a 10 person co-op

Wood-fired hot tub

Wood-fired hot tub at Rosalie Haus

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